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Razorback football season starts this month, somewhat different than usual, no doubt. Stop in to pick up your libations.

We make every effort to assure the accuracy of information & pricing in our correspondence. In the rare instance of inaccurate pricing, we apologize and will stand behind the pricing posted in the store.

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Try this delicious cocktail made with Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye, a new product on our shelves. Read about it below.

Classic Manhattan

2-1/2 oz. Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye
1 oz. Sweet Vermouth
2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
1 Dash Cherry Bitters
1/4 oz. Cherry Liqueur
1 Maraschino Cherry

Coat chilled cocktail glass with cherry liqueur. Add remaining ingredients over ice in a shaker. Stir and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with cherry.

Thanks to Dad's Hat for the recipe & photo.

3 NEW Wines from Mulderbosch Vineyards in Stellenbosch, South Africa

When Mulderbosch founder, Larry Jacobs, bought the farm in 1989 the community referred to the property as “vuilplasie”, Afrikaans for “dirty little farm”. Shortly after, he partnered with Mike Dobrovic, known as the South African Mr Sauvignon Blanc, and together they cleaned up the property and planted the first vineyards. A (small) cellar was later built and the first set of wines were released: Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. The dream was to produce wine, but certainly not just any wine; they had to consistently reflect innovation, creativity and excellence.

Soon, Mulderbosch gained international traction with a growing list of accolades and awards. In 2011, Mulderbosch was ushered into a new era of management, introducing Adam as head of winemaking. These changes ensured further international success and their position as leaders within the South African wine industry.

Mulderbosch Faithful Hound
South Africa

Mulderbosch Faithful Hound celebrates the virtues of Bordeaux’s great tradition of blending. Aside from investing considerable effort in their vineyards in close proximity to False Bay, their quest to find the perfect sites for each of the five varieties used in the blend led them from the cool mountain plateau of Elgin to the rich, shale soils of Bottelary. The goal with each bottling of Faithful Hound is to produce a rich, complex wine that comfortably expresses old world class and the generosity of fruit associated with the Cape.

Bordeaux Red Blend: 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc, 19% Merlot, 17% Malbec, 11% Petit Verdot

Winemaker Notes:
The first nose greets with ripe brambles, touches of cassis and subtle oak-spice. It is generous and inviting, but there’s also a subtle nod to classic restraint in aromas of leafy tobacco and freshly turned earth. With each sip, richly textured flavors of Christmas pudding and ripe plums course the palate.

Offset by sweetly infused Jamon-Iberico notes this is a layered and complex wine, unveiling successive waves of flavor as it evolves. Robust enough to be enjoyed on its own, or as an accompaniment to a fine cigar, Faithful Hound will reward pairing with venison dishes and rustic fare.

A long history of high ratings:

2016 Vintage
Platter’s SA Wines
92/100 Tim Atkin Report 2018

2015 Vintage
94/100 Winemag Cape Bordeaux Red Blend Report 2018
Platter’s SA Wines
92/100 Tim Atkin Report 2017

2014 Vintage
92/100 Stephen Tanzer
Platter’s SA Wines

92/100 Tim Atkin Report 2016

Ripe, full, fleshy red fruit character on the palate and nose. This Is an attractive, fruit-forward style, but it's very different to a classic Bordeaux blend. Appealing and ready to drink already, showing some attractive savory notes combined with plenty of sweetness on the palate.
~ 92 Pts, Decanter

Mulderbosch Rosé
South Africa

Trailblazing the infant rosé category in South Africa, the first Mulderbosch Rosé was released in 1999. The Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from vineyards specifically farmed to produce Rosé fruit. On arrival at the cellar, these early picked, specially selected grapes are vinified in the same manner in which an aromatic white wine would be, with the aim of producing a fresh, aromatic style of Rosé.

An attractive confected cherry note greets the nose, followed by subtle rose petal aromatics and a crisp mineral note that holds it all together nicely.

Due to careful selection of vineyard sites and gentle fruit handling in the cellar the palate has an effortless poise about it. Sweet-fruited Cabernet flavors and early-picked natural acidity make for an intense palate that refreshes with each sip.

2018 Vintage
Platter’s SA Wines
Rosé Rocks 2018:
– Double Gold

2017 Vintage
Platter’s SA Wines
88/100 Tim Atkin Report 2017

2016 Vintage
89/100 Stephen Tanzer
Platter’s SA Wines

Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc
South Africa

Since its maiden vintage in 1992, Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc has consistently been held in the highest esteem by wine critics across the globe. It has cemented itself as a benchmark for New World Sauvignon Blanc and is subsequently celebrated for its longevity, finesse and true varietal expression.

Even so, the 2018 vintage is a ripe styled Sauvignon Blanc with plenty of tropical fruit on the nose and a palate with pronounced green fig flavors.

Almost a quarter of the blend (24%) was matured in neutral 500L barrels and has contributed richness and density of texture of this wine.

2018 Vintage
91/100 Tim Atkin Report 2018

2017 Vintage
Platter’s SA Wines
89/100 Tim Atkin Report 2017

2016 Vintage
90/100 James Suckling Report 2017
Wine Advocate

2015 Vintage
93/100 Stephen Tanzer

2 NEW Wines from La Scolca

Gavi is the name of a little town on the Apennines mountains, located in Piedmont border to Liguria, from where the famous white and dry wine has taken its name. Thanks to La Scolca who began his production of GAVI 90 years ago, Gavi obtained DOC in 1974 and later DOCG (Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed) in 1998.

A high quality wine can only be made from grapes grown in places where they find harmony, better soil, climate, altitude and exposure in order to obtain the full flavors and aromas; such as La Scolca “Gavi dei Gavi”. A better quality is guarantee by the Brand La scolca and by his philosophy: to obtain an excellent wine from excellent grapes. It is arduous work to make wine “in the vineyard” rather than “in the winery”, that is to grow the best grapes possible and make wine out of top-quality primary material, rather than counting on manipulations in the winery.

The results of our way of working is evident when tasting: not only is the wine more complex and elegant, with distinct terroir personality, but is is also more healthy.

La Scolca Gavi Black Label

Dry white wine, 100% Cortese grapes.

The Black Label “G Soldati G” (the family sign with his family name this special wine as seal of quality) is a surprising wine, balancing delicate contrasts; although a white wine, its features are closer to those of a great red. Wine is passion and for this reason, the quality of Gavi La Scolca manages to overcome its fashions and trends with a strong personality and with great character: gentle but firm and persistent, it is very difficult to not to remember Gavi La Scolca alter having tasted it.

Years before the Gavi DOC, La Scolca invented for its best quality a particular and great wine: Gavi dei Gavi, a registered trademark in Europe since 1969 and in the U.S. since 1971, best known as “Black Label”.

This prestigious “Gavi dei Gavi – La Scolca” is obtained with the utmost respect for nature, from pruning to harvesting. With a strict and rigorous selection conducted with the utmost care, cluster by cluster, in vineyards over sixty years of age, we get “unique” grapes.

Then in the winery, under watchful guidance of a master expert, applying the ancient rules of vilification, refined over eighty years of family tradition, an unsurpassed style of Gavi is born, a paragon of reference.

The maximum procurable in quality as manifested by fragrance and flavor of live, intense character, harmonious and balanced, offers a surprising freshness and integrity, Notes of flint, almond and hazelnut will develop in the course of time, which does wonders.

Appearance: Pale straw, with delicate greenish highlights.
Nose: Intense, long, continuous, persistent, from fruited to flowery to stage of development.
Palate: Highly typical, flinty accents; almonds and hazelnut in the finale.

La Scolca Gavi White Label

The “Gran Crù of Gavi” ~

Their most traditional Gavi is vinified from grapes of exuberant young vineyards located in the heart of Rovereto of Gavi, place worldwide known as the “Gran Crù of Gavi”; their perfectly balanced aging lends the wine its typical fresh, dry taste. This “Great White,” which has become a Classic on the Italian wine scene, produced in a complete accord which is now a century-old tradition, represent the true essence of Gavi wine.

Made from 100% Cortese grapes.

Appearance: Light straw.
Nose: Typical of Gavi, fine and pleasantly fresh.
Palate: Delicate, very dry, characterized by a fairly marked acidulous notes.

NEW Cup Cake Light Hearted Wines ~ $9.99 each
Low Carb, Lower Calorie Wines
All the Taste. 80 Little Calories.

A new collection of delicious, lower alcohol wines offer a style that is bright and bursting with refreshing fruit-forward flavors that entice the senses. Cupcake LightHearted Wines are only 80 calories and less than 1g of sugar per 5 oz. serving! At only 8% alcohol, Cupcake LightHearted brings full flavor to all of life’s lighter moments.

Cupcake Light Hearted Chardonnay

Medium-bodied with flavors of fresh-cut pineapple and ripe pear. A portion of the wine was aged on oak to impart subtle notes of toasted oak and vanilla on the finish.

Cupcake Pinot Grigio

Refreshing citrus aromatics that lead into bright, crisp flavor of lemon and honey crisp apples. The finish is long with hints of white nectarine and apricot.

Cupcake Light Hearted Rosé

Beautifully blush in color and bursting with notes of fresh grapefruit and bright watermelon. Subtle hints of peach and honeysuckle give way to a finish that is long and silky.

Cupcake Pinot Noir

Light in body and bursting with juicy fruit flavors of wild strawberry and plum that intermingle with subtle notes of fresh cherry and vanilla.

Bruno Colin Chardonnay
Burgundy, France

Another beautiful Kermit Lynch wine from France! Michel Colin was the third generation in his family to grow grapes in Burgundy within the prestigious Côte de Beaune. When he retired in 2003, he handed the property over to his sons, Philippe and Bruno, who split the holdings between them to bottle under separate labels.  With the help of his wife, Stéphanie, Bruno farms eight hectares of land, in thirty different parcels scattered over five communes, with sometimes as little as just a few rows per parcel. To farm under these circumstances is quintessentially Burgundian, where the old Napoleonic codes of inheritance (evolved from Roman law) divide property equally among offspring. Parcels farmed by any one family continue to get smaller and smaller as they are distributed among relatives.

He bottles Chassagne-Montrachet, Puligny-Montrachet, Saint-Aubin, Santenay, and Maranges. In the old family winery in the center of the village of Chassagne-Montrachet, he vinifies over twenty cuvées separately, more than half of which are premier cru! He uses traditional vinification methods and ages his wines anywhere from twelve to eighteen months in barrel, though he tends to vinify each parcel in a similar fashion. Bruno’s style shows beautiful balance, both aromatically and texturally, while showcasing the delicate minerality and nuanced complexity of each vineyard.

Winemaker Notes: Pure, clear hue with delicate green glimmers. Very fresh and direct on the nose with attractive aromas of white fruits. The palate is round with a pleasant minerality and a lively finish. A highly expressive, seductive and complete wine for its appellation.

Lodi Red Blend
Lodi, California

A gem from Michael David Winery. Originally released in 1999 to celebrate Michael and David’s father on his 75th birthday, Lodi Red is back and better than ever! Bottled just before the holidays, this easy sipping red wine is comprised of three of Lodi’s heritage varietals: Petite Sirah, Zinfandel and Carignane.

Tasting Notes: Fill your soul with this bistro-style red that pays homage to Lodi Roots! Produced from some of the finest fruit in Lodi, ripe berry and pecan aromas interlace with flavors of huckleberry, cola and spice. A medium bodied, food-friendly wine.

19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red
Lodi, California

Full and dense, with strong black & blue fruit notes up front from the Petite Sirah, complemented by bright red, slightly candied fruit in the background from the Zinfandel. The darkly toasted oak ties it all together along with a slightly sweet finish. Snoop Cali is a blend of Lodi-sourced petite syrah (65%), zinfandel (30%) and merlot (5%).

The Federalist Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon
Lodi, California

In the spirit of American craftsmanship, this unique Cabernet Sauvignon represents the bold, American tradition of aging in charred bourbon barrels. Sourced from Lodi in California, The Federalist Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon intertwines bold fruit with rich, toasted vanilla and spice notes to deliver great flavor with every bottle. Aged 6 months in bourbon barrels.

Color: Garnet with bright, ruby highlights
Aroma: Berry aromas surrounded by the smoky and vanilla flavors typical of Bourbon barrels
Taste: Good entrance, full-bodied with a long finish, fine tannins, juicy red profile layered with a hint of sweetness from the oak, fresh and zippy, well-balanced.

Masottina Prosecco

Steven Spurrier of Decanter: Masottina Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut possesses a “very intense, deep nose with notes of pear, peach, elderflower and almond. This flows onto a mineral-drenched palate with touches of eucalyptus. Great length and depth of flavor. Rated 96 Points Decanter.

Masottina Rose

The elegance and sophistication of the international Pinot Nero grapes and the warm, passionate notes of the Raboso variety, a native of the Treviso hills, come together here in what is a match made in heaven. Meet Masottina’s Cuvée Rosé Extra. The embodiment of the limitless potential of an area inextricably linked to viticulture and, more specifically, to the production of some of the best sparkling wines in the world, the elegant Cuvée Rosé Extra Dry is the Dal Bianco family’s tribute to the beauty of a land packed with history. The delicate fruity and floral notes of the bouquet lend aroma and finesse to this wine, which is perfect for enjoying in moments of happiness and romance.

Bousquet Box Wine

Natural Origins is a new series of 3-liter box wines made from organically grown grapes.

Natural Origins Unoaked Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec are available.

Day Drinker Wine Spritzers

Crafted by the Grammy-winning country music band, Little Big Town, Day Drinking can wine spritzers offer a convenient and delicious way to enjoy wine anywhere and anytime.

Watermelon Rosé
Wine Spritzer

Notes of sun-kissed watermelon mingle with a touch of ripe red berries and crisp, bright bubbles.

Rosé Bubbles
Wine Spritzer

Notes of fresh, ripe red berries on the nose and palate are married with crisp and bright bubbles.

Southern Peach
Wine Spritzer

Notes of sun-ripened, juicy peach on the nose and palate mingle with crisp, bright bubble.

Tozai Night Swim Sake Cans
Japanese Craft Sake
5 x 180ml Pack $24.69

Grade: Futsu
Tozai celebrates the balance between Japan's east & west and honors the Japanese koi fish, known for it's longevity and healthy life (some live to over 200 years!). Night Swim brings this iconic brand to you in an accessible, pocket-sized can perfect for the pool and beyond.

Tasting Notes
Refreshing notes of banana, baked pear and caramelized pineapple with hints of orange and mint.

• Tozai’s style is approachable for sake pros and novices alike, taking sake out of the “special occasion” category and making it an everyday drink.
• Each Tozai sake is a classic representation of its style and grade.
• Be transported to Japan just by looking at Tozai—the labels feature hand- painted koi fish, traditional Japanese kanji, and origami paper patterns.




3 NEW Spirits from TahWagKaro Distilling Company, Certified Texas Whiskey. proud to be a grain to glass distillery

Handcrafted from grain to glass, TahWahKaro is award-winning, well balanced whiskies. They use locally sourced Texas grains, mill, mash, ferment, distill, and hand dip each bottle at the distillery in Grapevine, Texas.

They get their name TahWahKaro from an indigenous term meaning ‘bend in the river’ and the original name of the water source for settlers in Grapevine TX.

Tah Rye Malt Whiskey

"When we set out to make our Tah Texas Rye Malt Whiskey, we didn’t know quite where it would lead us, but knew we wanted to bring something special to a category we already loved. Beginning with the same rye malt we use in our bourbon, we waited as the rye aged and revealed this explosion of unexpected flavors. The first sip is like a deep vanilla toffee mingled with pepper and spice but as it leaves, there’s this lingering taste of chocolate and buttered toast. We loved it from the beginning to end, and we hope you do too."

Flavor Notes: Vanilla, Toffee, White Pepper, Buttered Toast, Chocolate, Spice

Tah Cask Strength Barrel Select Whiskey

This drink is of the highest quality and includes only the finest ingredients. Carefully selected for its distinctive flavor profile, this drink is distilled for a smooth, bold taste.

Tah Four Grain Bourbon

"At TahWahKaro we mill the raw grains to a certain size, cook the grains with the best water, then ferment the mash to our exact standards to make this uniquely well rounded Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey Grain to glass means the whole process from milling the grains, mashing, fermenting, distilling and bottling all happen inside our doors."

Flavor Notes: Caramel, Texas Corn, Smoke, Buttered Toast, White Pepper, Vanilla Mal

Devils River Coffee Bourbon

The road to Devils River Coffee Bourbon Whiskey starts by sourcing a Vienna Roast blend of “free-trade” coffee beans from a local San Antonio coffee roaster. Responsibly sourced from Honduras, Colombia, and Brazil, the coffee beans are roasted to extract the most flavor. The Vienna Roast is the most difficult roast to achieve on a consistent basis, so of course, Devils River Whiskey had to take on the challenge.

After trying a variety of roasting styles, they found that Vienna Roast best compliments their whiskey, adding another layer to its deep flavor profile. Besides being darker, richer and more aromatic, this blend has a full body that features caramel, citrus and berry notes with a rich, satisfying finish.

They didn’t stop there. To further enhance the coffee flavor in their whiskey, they chose to go with the cold-brew process. Hot brewing forces the flavor from the bean, but cold brew likes to take its own sweet time. We steep our award-winning Devils River Bourbon with the dark roasted Vienna coffee beans for at least 24 hours at a low temperature to bring out the smooth, sweet flavor cold brew coffees are known for.

They then marry their bourbon-infused coffee whiskey with 100% organic blue weber agave nectar, creating a naturally infused rich and smoky coffee-flavored bourbon whiskey.

Already awarded Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, our Coffee Bourbon can be enjoyed like any traditional whiskey – neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. Because Devils River is a high rye bourbon, the coffee flavor is perfectly balanced by the spicy notes in their whiskey. The natural oils from the dark roasted coffee beans give their whiskey a creamy mouthfeel.

3 NEW Spirits from Dad’s Hat

"Our mission is to distill and deliver classic Pennsylvania Rye spirits following over 200 years of American distilling tradition. Working with our community and giving back to the whiskey-loving public is a big part of what truly keeps Dad’s Hat “Pennsylvania Proud”.

We founded Dad’s Hat Rye because we, too, want to do it the right way. To take up a tradition and make something that mattered — by hand, in small batches, using only natural, local ingredients and the most careful methods. Dad’s Hat is made right here in Pennsylvania – the birthplace of genuine rye whiskey – in honor of my father, who enjoyed rye whiskey and served it at the family’s tavern, and of that wonderful, optimistic time in America’s history when we made a lot of things and took care to make them well. My heart tells me that many of us are searching for that spirit again."

Dad’s Hat Classic Rye

"Our classic rye recipe features only rye grain and malt to deliver a pure expression of Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey. Barrel aging for least six months in charred, new oak quarter casks allows the genuine rye flavor to evolve quickly. As a result, the small batch whiskey is ensured of reaching the right balance of complexity and smoothness. The final product is a very smooth spirit that delivers the up-front spice that rye is known for while finishing with a full, round mouthfeel."

Whisky Advocate magazine named Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey as its Craft Whiskey of the Year for 2015.
“An excellent young rye. The nose is clean and complex; crushed grain, grasses, sweet spice and the bitter herbal note of rye. It’s all there on the tongue with a light barrel character, moving to a neatly integrated finish.”

Tasting Notes:
Floral and spicy on the nose with a well-balanced mouth feel and flavor — up-front and back-end spice, cinnamon on the mid-palate. Underlying notes of dried fruit and black cherry with hints of tobacco, vanilla and oak.

Dad’s Hat Port Finish Rye

Rich Port wine flavor merged with Rye spice.

Rich port wine flavor meets genuine rye spice as we add another unique double finish rye to the ranks with our Port Wine Finish Rye. This rye is double finished for an additional three months in separate barrels which previously contained port wine, made with red grapes and known for a fruity, pleasant sweetness.

Gold Medal winner and a 91-point rating from the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago. “Brilliant bronze color. Delicate, fruity aromas of raisin cake, caramel buttercream, suede, and pepper jam with a silky, lively, fruity medium-full body and a warming, involved, toasted fruitcake, cedar, exotic spices, and minerals finish. A great well aged sipping rye; try with cigars.”

Dad’s Hat Pre-Prohibition Rye

Deep & complex straight rye that really delivers.

The first Straight Rye made in Pennsylvania in over 25 years, this delicious whiskey is distilled farm-to-bottle in Pennsylvania with locally harvested grain and aged for a minimum of four years. The classic Pre-Prohibition flavor profile is the result of time-tested distilling methods and painstaking attention to detail.

Tasting Notes: A lush and complex rye in the classic, spicy Pennsylvania Style. The nose reveals rye grass and burnt sugar with hints of vanilla. The flavor coats the tongue in layers of pepper and cinnamon spice, green apple, fig and cocoa powder with a long smooth and lingering finish.

Renowned whiskey critic & journalist Jim Murray praises Dad’s Hat Straight Rye in his annual “Whisky Bible”… “The truest rye I’ve seen from you yet: I take my hat off to you guys… quite literally.”

Cask & Kettle Cocktails
Ready to brew hot cocktails.

Ready to brew hard coffee & cider from your Keurig.

Cask & Kettle is an easy and convenient way for anyone to prepare and serve a complete, well crafted hot cocktail. Simply pop one of the single serve cups into your brewing system and a smooth, aromatic hot cocktail is ready in seconds.

Cask & Kettle Irish Coffee

Coffee with the aroma of smoky whiskey mixed with the welcoming allure of dark roasted beans and buttery caramel. The perfect balance of Irish Whiskey and robust flavor with a mild sweetness. 38% ABV (per pod), 76 proof

Cask & Kettle Spiked Dry Cider

A crisp Michigan apple cider cocktail with a bold, spirit-forward finish.

Beautiful amber color with an enticing aroma of cinnamon, green apple, and warm alcohol. Michigan apple cider gives a perfect crispness to this smooth, warm beverage. A fresh upfront tart apple flavor is followed by a hint of vodka and cinnamon. 25% ABV (per pod), 50 proof

Cask & Kettle Mexican Coffee

Tequila, Vodka & Coffee with natural flavors.

An aromatic bouquet and nuanced combination of flavors to please a sophisticated palate. The smooth mouthfeel and light agave flavor of silver tequila combined with darker notes of roasted coffee and a whisper of Mexican chocolate at the finish. 30% ABV, 60 proof

Cask & Kettle Hot Blonde Coffee

Vodka, coffee & vanilla with natural flavors.

Beautiful sable color, decadent aroma and notes of malty vanilla swirling through a blend of lightly roasted coffee and full-bodied, crisp vodka. 37% ABV (per pod), 74 proof

2 NEW from Rich and Rare
One of Canada’s Oldest Whiskeys

Rich taste and rare smoothness are what you will find in one of Canada’s oldest whisky brands. Rich & Rare Reserve is an award-winning whisky from one of the largest spirit producers in the world. Drawing from the exceptional quality of the local grain, this unique Canadian whisky is distilled in small batches and aged in handpicked oak barrels. Before bottling, many different types of grains are fermented, distilled and aged separately under the watchful eye of world-renowned master blender, Drew Mayville, creating a smooth, unique taste that is Rich & Rare Reserve.

Rich & Rare Canadian Apple Whiskey

Rich & Rare Apple Whiskey offers brilliant apple aromas and a nuance of spice on the nose. Crisp apple flavors along with a touch of spice and caramel on the palate. Smooth finish with balanced apple notes.

Rich & Rare Canadian Peach Whiskey

Rich & Rare Peach Whiskey offers fresh peach aromas on the nose. Delicious peach flavors busting with luscious flavor of peach with smooth R & R Canadian Whiskey.

NWA Vodka

A note from the distiller: When I first moved to Fayetteville, I dreamed of creating something that would bring people together to celebrate the beauty of Northwest Arkansas. I soon realized that there was so much to be grateful for. The picturesque landscape and rolling mountains; activities such as tailgating, farmer’s markets, the Walton Arts Center, Crystal Bridges Museum, Dickson Street, Beaver Lake, The University of Arkansas, and the many bike and hiking trails. I wanted a way to bring people who had lived here forever, together with those who are new and just learning to call NWA their home. In this journey I created NWA vodka. A spirit that everyone can agree on. Through NWA Vodka, I have found a way to celebrate all that is great here. Family, friends and good times. Something for everyone. Something legendary. Join me in my journey to bring happiness to all of Northwest Arkansas… the party has just begun.

NWA Vodka is a potato-based vodka. It is naturally gluten free. We chose potatoes over corn and grain because quality vodka is more important than expense. Potato- based vodkas generally take longer to make and are more expensive because there is a longer production process. Potatoes yield a lower amount of alcohol and are more expensive to grow than wheat, corn or grains. Our recipe provides a creamy smooth texture that potatoes naturally produce in a vodka but also a beautifully clean finish with little to no burn. We start with the freshest seasonal potatoes and the purest water in every batch. We distill our vodka exactly five times using a fractional column distillation system. There is no need to use any filtering process and we do not use any additives leaving it with completely natural tones. This makes for a potato-based vodka that is rare and superior.

Forty Creek Copper Pot Whiskey

Canada- Made in the same award winning style as Barrel Select, by renowned whisky maker John Hall, Copper Pot is amped up in flavor delivering a deeper and richer taste profile. With bold aromas of toffee, nuts, and spice this whisky finishes with a long, sensual fade.

Rihei Ginger Scochu

Introducing Rihei Ginger, a meticulously handcrafted, single-distilled Honkaku Shochu from Japan. This premium shochu is made from real ginger and exceeds people’s imagination by drawing people back for more.

Ochiai Distillery is a 4th generation, family run distillery that honors the traditions of our 100 year old past while continuing to evolve as a one-of-a-kind, award-winning shochu maker of the 21st century. 38% ABV

Ochiai Distillery is a family-run shochu distillery with more than 100 years of history. Shochu is most commonly distilled from sweet potatoes, barley or rice. At Ochiai Distillery, we specialize in ‘Imo’ sweet potato shochu. Our sweet potatoes are sourced from one designated farm that only uses plant-based fertilizers. The sweet potatoes grown via this method, or called green manure crop farming, have low moisture content. Shochu made from these firm, dense sweet potatoes are smooth to the palate and have a deep taste.

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